What The Font(What Font New)
A quick way of finding out the font used on a website without having to look at the code of the site, this plugin will help and make things a lot quicker.

Window Resizer
This one does, what it say in the in the name of it, resize windows to see how you work will look on different size screens.

Clear Cache
Simple way of clearing your browser cache.

Image Downloader
You know when you have a client that does not have all the images that they need for their new site and say to you they are all on the website but they do not have any login information for that site, using this plugin you can download all the images.

Helps you when writing emailm documents and more.

Turn off the Lights
Great for watching video on youtube or a service like that, dims all the other contant on that page except the video.

Google Keep
A note taking

Notion Boost
If you use notion this will give a boost of a few extra tools

Note take app for iOS & Mac, has a lot of feature a nd power that most other note taking apps do not have,

Emoji Keyboard
What else can I say.